As the head of US diplomacy said, the United States is discussing issues with the fight against the epidemic, Russia and China, and economic recovery. “President Joe Biden said that the United States will work closely with European Union allies and partners across the continent to respond to common challenges and pursue our common goal of a free and peaceful Europe,” the US Secretary of State said before the meeting.

He added that the United States is consulting with the European Union on issues such as fighting the epidemic, fighting climate change, relations with Russia and China, and economic recovery. We stand together to stand up for our shared values, Blinken said.

Coronavirus is a common problem

Von der Leyen said the United States is an important and valued partner of the European Union. “We want to create a new agenda between the European Union and the United States to meet the challenges, but also to take advantage of the opportunities of our time. Your presence here today is a very clear sign that we have the same aspirations,” she noted.

She said a common immediate priority is to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences. “We know no area in the world would be safe if everyone wasn’t safe. Therefore, I look forward to working with (with the US – PAP) to strengthen global vaccine supply chains. We all need to prepare (new) potential variants …) on us To unite efforts against the virus, “- she emphasized.

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The European Commission president has indicated that in March she agreed, along with President Biden, to suspend all tariffs imposed in disputes between Airbus and Boeing for a period of four months. “This is a positive and important step, but there are still other definitions and broader issues that need to be dealt with, such as reforming the multilateral trading system. I look forward to discussing how our trade and technology agenda is shaped and how to tap into our common potential.” – she said.

“Climate change remains a major challenge of our time. We warmly congratulate President Biden on (his) joining (the USA) to the Paris Agreement again. (…) The European Union and the United States must develop real solutions and increase innovation, set goals. Ambitious and work together to achieve it, ” said the German.

She added that the talks with Blinken also concern foreign and security policy, including relations between China, Russia and Turkey, as well as relations with the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership and Southern Neighborhood countries.

“We share common interests and we must look for opportunities for cooperation outside our borders. It is imperative that we make stronger joint efforts to meet these challenges successfully,” she concluded.