In Homefront: The Revolution, you could actually play the updated version of Timesplitters 2. Players only needed a few days to acquire the necessary codes and the ability to present them to all interested parties. Get to know the details.

In the middle of the week I mentioned an interesting story on the site – The creators of Homefront: The Revolution brought Timesplitters 2 into production, providing 4K gameplay, But to be able to start production you need access codes. Unfortunately, the developers lost the document containing the data, which is why it was believed that the shooter, appreciated by many players, would never be unlocked.

Lance MacDonald took care of the case and confirmed it He played “one of the worst games” for six hours to hit the slots – and that’s where Timesplitters 2 gets hidden. Then the interested person wanted to use reverse engineering to unlock the codes, but … someone already posted them on Twitter.

It turned out that two days ago the details were posted on the social network, but the regime had hidden them. Thankfully, we had access to them and players can now check out Timesplitters 2.

The first part of this update has already appeared on the web: