The official told reporters that the US negotiators “came up with a very serious idea and showed real willingness to resume the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, on the condition that Iran abides by the agreement.”

He stressed that the United States expects Iran to “reciprocate” in its efforts to relaunch the agreement. We’ve seen some signs of reciprocity, but it’s definitely not enough. He stressed that the question is whether Iran is prepared … to take the same pragmatic approach that the United States has taken to re-fulfill its obligations under the agreement.

As Reuters writes, in Vienna, the representatives of the two countries presented their hard-line positions on the possibility of returning to the agreement. Some sources say that some progress has been made in the talks, but the US side is concerned that the negotiations may reach a dead end.

“ If Iran sticks to its position of renewing the agreement on the condition that every penalty imposed since 2017 be lifted first, then we are heading towards a dead end, ” a US official said.

The global nuclear agreement with Iran in 2015 stipulated that Iran would drastically reduce uranium production, and that the international community would lift economic sanctions on Tehran. But in 2018, then US President Donald Trump withdrew Washington from the accord and imposed new economic sanctions.

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Current White House host Joe Biden wants to revive the deal, but Washington and Tehran disagree on who should take the first step. The United States wants Tehran to begin complying with the agreement, and the Iranians, in turn, are demanding that all sanctions be lifted.

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