Shortwave 2022: 2nd Polish Experimental Film Competition

June 15 2022 19:00

Event Venue: Palace Cinema – Poznan, Święty Marcin 80/82

Organizer: palace cinema

Polish Experimental Film Competition
KPFE is a space to change the boundaries of what Polish cinema can be, and at the same time a bridge between contemporary art and cinema. Creative tension arises precisely at the meeting point of these worlds. KPFE is also constantly searching for an answer to the question: what is experimental film in Poland today.
Historically, for the lead film, the subject matter has often been the medium of the film itself and the material of the tape. In the digital age, contemporary Polish creators and authors are also asking direct questions about what film is today, and deconstructing cinema technologies – sometimes in the literal sense!
Is “experimental” a particular catalog of aesthetic conventions? If so, this collection was very wide, because at KPFE we will see both abstract, analogue, non-fiction and almost surrealist animated films, as well as quiet documentaries in which we want to be friends with heroes and heroines.
The existence of the latter form proves that Polish women artists, like female artists all over the world, explore the area between fantasy and reality, sometimes blurring the boundaries between them, but often facing the challenges of reality.


1st Polish Experimental Film Competition:
CK Zamek | new scene | 06/14/2022 | 19:00 | 60’+ Q&A

2nd Polish Experimental Film Competition:
CK Zamek | new scene | 06/15/2022 | 19:00 | 60’+ Q&A

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3rd Polish Experimental Film Competition:
CK Zamek | new scene | 06/16/2022 | 19:00 | 60’+ Q&A

2nd Polish Experimental Film Competition:

01. Broadcaster

Abstract animated music video for the music of British band Squid.

Poland, Great Britain / 2020 / Experience, Music Video / 6′ / Directed by: Wiesława Ruta

02. Ponds

In the film, the experience of splashing water is presented as a sad, disturbing experience. Returning to Amsterdam, I wanted to splash the puddles again, but for some reason in October it did not rain as much as usual and there were not enough puddles. It’s a road movie, in pursuit of the city’s biggest and most beautiful ponds.

Poland, Netherlands / 2021 / Eksperyment / 10′ / Directed by: Piotr Urbaniec

03. Atonan Dance

Atonan is an avatar of a man suffering from helplessness and uncontrolled frustration. He faces a fear of destruction and a thirst for overconsumption. To get closer to this reality, he practices a shamanic ritual. Atonan records this process in a no-man’s land scene. A place before or after the fall of the world as we know it.

Polska / 2021 / Eksperyment / 7′ / Directors: Bartek Arobal Kociemba, Mads Hemmingsen and Barbara Kaja Kaniewska

04. Does a human’s cry surely collapse? (Does human screams disappear?)

A film that combines several attempts to present The Scream in oil paintings, animations, and objects. It turned out that this phenomenon became more and more extensive, as if its echo was not only in the sound.

Polska 2022 / Eksperyment / 5′ / Directed by: Ewelina Figarska

05. Body Map

A group of five pupils from the Pedagogical Youth Center J. Korczak in Szczecin for three weeks recorded his daily life with compact cameras obtained during film workshops. Teenage jokes and dreams are intertwined with the harsh realities of life in the middle.

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Polska / 2021 / Dokument, Eksprzańska / 30 minutes / Directed by: Krystyna Dobrzańska


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