Magda Lynette and Magdalena Froche will play in the WTA 250 Championships in Birmingham. There will be two champions at Wimbledon, Petra Kvitova and Simona Halep. Katarzina Kawa tried her hand at qualifying.

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Magda Lynette

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The 40th edition of the WTA Championships will be held in Birmingham. There are two Polish tennis players in the main category. And Magda Lynet will face Ukraine’s Dagana Gastremska. And she will face Magdalena Froche of Spain, Nuria Barezas Diaz.

Katarzina Kawa (WTA 129) managed to join them, but did not pass the first qualifying round. On Saturday I lost 7:6 (6), 4:6, 4:6 with Eden Silva (WTA 343). In the first set, the Briton went out with 3:5 in 6:5. In the twelfth half, the set ball was wasted. In the tiebreak, she was losing 1-5, then 3-6. I tied 6-6, but two more points were won by the Pole.

In the second half, Silva scored a break in the first half, and in the second half she blocked three break points with a score of 0-40. Until the end, it didn’t compromise on the feature. In Group C, the Briton won four consecutive matches of 2:4. The match lasted two hours and 41 minutes. The host country representative scored four points more than Kofi (117-113).

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At the top of the bracket was Jelena Ostapenko, winner of Roland Garros 2017. The Latvian will start the tournament with a match with a tennis player from the preliminary round. Two Wimbledon champions appeared at the start. Petra Kvitova (2011, 2014) will play Brazilian Beatriz Haddad Maya. Simona Halep (2019) will go to the playoffs. The Romanian woman came in second and the Czech number five.

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The fate of the Italian Camila Giorgi (No. 3) was associated with the Czech girl Teresa Martinkova. Belgium’s Elise Mertens (No. 4) and China’s Shuai Zhang (No. 8) will face the players from the qualifiers. Sorana Kirstia (No. 6) and Alison Risk (No. 7) complete the seed servings. The Roman will meet Shelby Rogers, an American-British opponent, Katie Poulter.

Kvitova is the only event champion to perform at this year’s edition. The Czech women were the best in Birmingham in 2017 and 2018. Tunisian Anas Jabeur will not defend the title, which will be played in Berlin.

Rothsay Classic Birmingham, Birmingham (UK)
WTA 250, grass field, total prize money of 251.7 thousand. dollar
Saturday 11 June

The first qualifying round of the singles match:

Eden Silva (UK, WC) Pett Katarzyna Kawa (Poland, 8) 6:7 ​​(6) 6:4, 6:4

The main arc is drawn:

Jelena Ostapenko (Latvia, 1) – s
Dagana Jastremska (Ukraine) – Magda Linate (Poland)
Elena Gabriella Ross (Romania) – Qiang Wang (China)
Qiu-Shuai Zhang (China, 8 years old)

Elise Mertens (Belgium, 4) – s
Agla Tomljanovic (Australia) – Petra Martic (Croatia)
Shelby Rogers (USA) vs. Sorana Kirstia (Romania, 6)

Petra Kvitova (Czech Republic, 5 WC) – Beatriz Haddad Maya (Brazil)
Nuria Barezas Diaz (Spain) – Magdalena Froch (Poland)
Lauren Davis (USA) – Caja Jovan (Slovenia)
Teresa Martinkova (Czech Republic) – Camila Giorgi (Italy, third)

Alison Riske (USA, 7 years old) – Katie Poulter (UK, WC)
Caroline Garcia (France) – Victoria Golubec (Switzerland)
Harriet Dart (UK, WC) – Camila Osorio (Colombia)
Question: Simona Halep (Romania, 2)

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