New data shows that three more deaths from the Coronavirus have been recorded in NHS funds serving Berkshire.

The latest statistics from those responsible reveal the deaths of two more people at the Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, while another at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust has died.

The news comes after a change in the way daily cases are reported for each region across the UK.

From November 16, Public Health England has updated the way it records the location of people who test positive for Covid-19.

It now prioritizes the addresses given at the test point over the details recorded in the summary NHS care record for the patient.

Officials say this better reflects the distribution of cases and tests – but it could lead to differences in previously reported case numbers and rates in some regions.

The change has been applied retrospectively to tests conducted since September 1.

As a result, officials say the number of cases reported by local authorities may be artificially high or low on November 16.

This is confirmed by data for Berkshire, as Wokingham, West Berkshire, Windsor and Maidenhead all saw their numbers drop from those reported on November 15.

As a result, it is difficult to make comparisons with past data, but the new data is below.

This is how the most recent case breakdown is done for each region in Berkshire:

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These are the latest data on the total number of deaths in and around the NHS Trusts in Berkshire:

  • Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust: 419 (two increase)
  • NHS Royal Berkshire Foundation Fund: 244 (one increase)
  • Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Fund: 21 (No change)

This comes after it appeared that 213 people had died within 28 days of the result of the new Corona virus test, Covid-19, until Monday.

This brings the UK total to 52,147.

In addition, the government said that as of 9 am on Monday, there were 21,363 other confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the UK.

This rise brings the total number of cases in the UK to 1,390,681.

The separate figures for deaths where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, along with additional data on deaths that occurred in recent days, show that there are now 67,000 Covid-19-related deaths in the UK.

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it was too early to know the impact of the second lockdown in England on coronavirus cases – although he hopes measures can be eased on December 2.

“It’s too early to know the number of cases when we get to the end of the current lockdown,” he told a Downing Street press conference.

“ At the moment, most of the tests we’re going back to, and most of the positive cases, are around the time the lockdown started, so we still haven’t seen it in the data – and it’s too early to expect to see in the data – the impact of the second shutdown.

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“But we absolutely hope that we can replace the national lockdown with a graded system similar to what we had before.”

Dr Susan Hopkins, the director of public health in England who is providing advice on the government’s response to the coronavirus, added: “We expect if the lockdown works … we’ll start to see cases decline over the next week.

“We expect it will take longer to see hospitalization, another week or so, but I think as long as we start to see cases decline, we can start making a judgment about the correct decisions we make and what openings decisions happen on December 2nd.”