Sunderland School closed after staff tested positive for COVID-19

A special education school in Sunderland announced its closure after another employee tested positive for coronavirus.

Portland Academy

Portland Academy Initially, two employees were confirmed to have contracted the virus on September 11th.

On Sunday, Caroline Morgan, CEO of the Ascent Academies’ Trust, issued a statement telling parents they will close school after another positive test.

Availability of school located on Weymouth Road Education For children 11-19 years of age with severe and multiple learning difficulties.

She said: “After another member of staff tested positive for the coronavirus this weekend, we made a decision to close Portland Academy for the next 14 days.

“While the decision was not an easy one, we feel it is the right one to keep our youth and our employees safe.

The academy will reopen to teach on Monday 28 September.

“The teachers are well prepared to switch to distance learning and will be in contact with their families to discuss the arrangements.

“We continue to work with Public Health England and the local authority and keep our website and social media updated.”

Schools reopened completely only on Monday. Since then There was a string of injuries associated with them Around the northeast.

Siham Trinity Primary Schooll, St Bede Catholic School, Sixth Form Center in Lanchester and Hummersknott Academy have confirmed all cases.

By Wednesday, at least five schools in Sunderland had partially closed due to the outbreak.

Cases have also been confirmed in schools Blythe And Whiteley Bay.

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