The information that Kasia Sokołowska is pregnant caused quite a stir in the media, because there were no reports that the life of the TVN star would change soon. The modeling director is not a very estranged person, and while she does occasionally give interviews and touches about some personal issues, she generally doesn’t say anything about private life. However, it is known, for example, that For several years she was associated with her Artur KozygoWho, among other things, created a hotel in the Karkonosze mountains, and Kasia Sokołowska serves as a decorator in it. How did she arrange her own apartment? You can find out by looking at her social media profile.

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The apartment is tastefully decorated by Kasia Sokołowska

Kasia Sokołowska adds art shots from her apartment. The modeling director didn’t directly show how she arranged herself, but Some photos show that her apartment is very spacious and bright. This is largely due to the large windows and mirrors that visually enlarge the room.

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apartment TVN stars It’s modern and simplebut since there are a lot of extras in it, it doesn’t look empty or cool.

Kasia Sokołowska’s bedroom appears to be in the same style as the rest of the apartment. Bedding and curtains without any patterns, and the llama on the bedside table fit perfectly into the minimalist interior.

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