After the Polish ambassadors, Robert Lewandowski and Marcin Teska, separated from Huawei, it was time for mass immigration to England. Only, this time among the management staff.

Black clouds gathered over Huawei. Recall, on Sunday, the British Daily Mail announced that the company was going to train 50 thousand technicians from Russia Because of the increasing volume of cyber attacks on this country. True, these allegations were officially denied, but the avalanche began. First, its chief ambassador resigned from cooperation with the Chinese producer Robert LewandowskiShortly afterwards, he was joined by a court photographer Marcin Tesca.

It’s time for two more people, and this time it has nothing to do with marketing, but with managers. As reported by Sky News, these statements were made Two members of the board of directors The British subsidiary of Huawei, Sir Andrew Kahn and Sir Ken Olisa.

According to the source, the two men began to demand the denial of cooperation with the Putin regime Directly through the headquarter in Shenzhen, China, because so far this position came only from selected local subunits, including British and Polish. The company is said to have refused to comment on its foreign policy. Then dice were rolled too, although this is only one of two versions. The second assumes that managers just wanted to look for new challenges. It has nothing to do with rumours.

Sir Andrew Kahn and Sir Ken Olisa brought valuable experience from the world of business and technology to Huawei’s UK board when they were appointed in 2015 and 2018 respectively (…) They both showed themselves by expanding Huawei into the UK and helping to maintain a top Governance Standards and thanking them for their valuable guidance

– Commented tactfully the press spokesman for Huawei UK.

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Sir Andrew Kahn and Sir Ken Olisa They don’t want to comment on it. Regardless of the circumstances, their departure is a huge loss for Huawei UK. The former has extensive experience in business and has held senior positions in companies such as British Airways or Lloyd’sand also worked in the Ministry of Agriculture, while the other is currently working Viceroy of Queen Elizabeth II in the Greater London area.

Huawei all the time She distances herself from cooperating with the KremlinAlthough, it has not stopped selling its devices in the Russian Federation, which is under pressure from many European consumers. Some people also point out that the message from the company is very inconsistent. Information about alleged cooperation with the Russians was rejected only by selected forces, among which there was no such thing as Ukraine or Russia. It’s a bit like Huawei who wants to eat a cookie and get a cookie.

Image source: Shutterstock (Veja)

Text source: Sky News, ed. king