We are receiving very positive signals after the Minister of Education and Science announced the proposal to create a new scientific discipline: Family Science – according to information provided by MEiN. Now the ministry plans to work on new regulations and public consultations.

At the end of January, the Minister of Education and Science, Przemislav Kosarnik, announced at the Catholic University of Lublin that he wanted to make family science a scientific discipline in the new evaluation period.

According to MEiN Press Spokesperson Anna Ostrowska, the creation of a new scientific order is “to rediscover this most important and fundamental social group, which is the family”.

The family, as a matter of concern to our country, needs a multidisciplinary in-depth knowledge of it. She explained that the creation of a new scientific system would be able to positively translate into other areas of our lives, including social, economic, religious and political issues.

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We are receiving very positive signals after the Minister of Education and Science announced the proposal to establish a new scientific specialization. Among these opinions were also expressed by representatives of the board of directors of the Polish Association of Family Science – added Ostrowska. She also wrote that the organization confirmed on its website that as a separate scientific discipline for family sciences, it would be able to present the family in many aspects, while at the same time gaining access to philosophy, theology, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, medicine, law and other fields and disciplines of science.

A MEiN spokesperson informed that the introduction of the new system would require amending the regulation for classifying fields and majors. She indicated that work related to organizing and public consultations in this field will be planned so that changes in the classification will take place after the end of the period covered by the next evaluation of the quality of scientific activity, i.e. in the year 2022 -.

Currently, in the Polish higher education system, according to the regulations, there are 44 scientific majors (including history, medical sciences and astronomy) and 3 technical majors. The division of disciplines is based on the methodologies approved by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Prior to the reform of higher education, Poland (the Higher Education and Science Law was adopted by the House of Representatives in 2018) had more than 100 scientific majors. The limitation of their number was to reduce their fragmentation.

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