Thermano GK, that is, thermal insulation of walls combined with plasterboard lining, is a very quick way to insulate the walls from the inside, especially when we “struggle” with every centimeter of additional space. Balex Metal Thermano GK offers to offer for those who are looking for a way to increase the usable area with perfect wall insulation from the inside and want to carry out the renovation in a very short time.

Addition of a new product line to the offer Thermano
– Says Jacek DazukaProduct Manager at Balex Metal – Expands our current range of PIR Thermal Insulation Panels. Thus, in the Thermano family of products, we offer a growing range of proprietary solutions while maintaining the same timeless values ​​that result from the properties of polyurethane. It is these features, along with the waterproof drywall in the case of Thermano GK, that make it a safe product, even when used in a humid and warm environment, i.e. one that promotes the growth of fungi and molds. This is also what makes Thermano GK so many places of application.

Thermal insulation of walls with plaster cladding can be used almost everywhere: in attics, corridors, various communication methods, bathrooms and garages, anywhere, under certain conditions, we cannot insulate an external wall, for example when entering the building into a register. The monuments and any Other external changes with the municipal preservation of antiquities.

There are 14.2 million buildings in Poland, 40% of which are single-family apartment buildings *. A large part of the buildings have low energy efficiency and will require thermal renovation in the coming years.

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The long-term strategy for the renovation of buildings approved by the Council of Ministers Says Marek Dzekevicby the Board of Directors of Balex Metal – It assumes energy optimization in buildings, splitting it in two ways, into shallow thermal modernization mainly related to the replacement of the so-called Kopciuchów and deep thermal modernization, which implies the necessity of additional measures, such as thermal insulation of the building. This is a good trend to change, especially if we do it with modern thermal insulation such as Thermano insulation panels. In order to meet the more stringent energy requirements of buildings, the thickness of the classic insulation used in buildings is increasing and will continue to increase, which may seem risky for the economic profitability of the investment due to purchase costs. Therefore, achieving very good thermal and moisture standards for walls, roofs and floors on the ground nowadays requires the use of modern materials, where a single plate can thermal insulation twice as much as traditional materials of the same thickness. Taking into account the high cost of energy in Poland, this trend is justified in all respects.

5% more space

The combination of installed insulation board with plasterboard has only advantages. The unique ratio of the thickness of the chipboard to its insulating properties makes it an excellent material for thermal insulation of stairs and other rooms, that is, where we are looking for a way to create a larger usable area. Thermano GK allows you to get up to 5% more of this space.

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Quick and environmental assembly

In the case of Thermano GK, the combination of a installed thermal insulation board with a waterproof plasterboard significantly reduces renovation or construction time. We use far fewer elements in this solution than if we did the same thing with traditional insulation materials. Moreover, the panels can be installed in a resource-friendly way, that is, with dry technology. After installation, we only need to properly prepare the substrate for the use of paints, wallpaper, glass or porcelain stoneware.

Thermano GK is a universal product that primarily improves the energy efficiency of the building, but also speeds up the process of interior finishing while respecting natural resources.

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