Microsoft released the March Office Insider Update as part of the Windows Current Channel (Preview) release. Version 2103 (Build 13901.20148) adds some useful changes to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Visio, including document dark theme (not just interface), automatic saving and co-authoring of sensitive documents, new icon design, and functionality for reserving rooms and workspaces. Details are below.

Excel, power point, word

Auto save and co-author sensitive and encrypted documents

You no longer have to sell your productivity for safety. With Microsoft’s Information Protection, confidential labeled encrypted documents can now be saved automatically and shared with others in real time – just like unencrypted documents. However, this capability requires that the subscription administrator be enabled.

a word

Dark Word document

It can give you the light look of the document with the dark mode of the Invisible app. Let’s avoid it A stark sightMicrosoft offers a dark theme for documents, too.


A new experience for booking conference rooms and workspaces

The reservation experience has been updated and equipped with functions that allow you to plan individual workspaces.


New look for Office icons

Product icons have been redesigned to reflect the simplicity, power, and intelligence of the Office experience.

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