The city will allocate 150 thousand. PLN for the “Street Art Szczecin 2021” project. This will allow 5 murals to be executed. Interested artists can submit their ideas by the end of March.

As part of the aforementioned budget, we plan to create five original murals in our city space – says Yaroslav Bondar, city architect – We are awaiting proposals from authors who have an idea and want to create a mural that not only decorates the area, but also integrates residents and stimulates a broader view of art in places. the public.

The murals will be placed on the buildings belonging to the city. Project participants are required to suggest the location and design of the mural. The application form and all necessary information are available at:

The city has already implemented similar projects. As part of it, 8 original murals were created: in al. Wyzwolenia 77, ul. Columba 68, ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 44, ul. Budziszyńska 23, (the author – Piotr Pauk), at ul. Stołczyńska 128 (Author – Jakub Bitka), at ul. Stołczyńska 161 (author – Dariusz Miliński), in the mujahideen. Columba 3 (Author – Kamila Romanowicz) and in the Mujahideen. Chmielewskiego 8 (Author – Marius Warras).

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