According to BBC News, Princess Latifa, after her arrest, sent video messages to her friends, registered in She secretly received it about a year after her arrest. She claimed that her father – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates – She is holding her hostage. The secret messages stopped and friends of the princess called on the United Nations to act.

And the princess explained this in the published recordings It is in a villa that has been turned into a prison. She added that she was recording videos in the bathroom, as it was the only room in which she could lock herself in.

She also described in detail how she fought the soldiers who stopped her. “Kick and hit” and bite the arm of one of the commandos until he screamed. She also said that she got paid ReassuredThen she fainted and woke up in Dubai.

As she said, the police threatened her that she would remain in prison for the rest of her life and never see the sun again.

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“I just wanna be Free– The princess said in one of the recordings. “every day I worry for my safety and my life“- She said.

Princess Latifa revealed this in a video posted in March 2018 on YouTube She wants to flee Dubai because her father mistreated her. She said that There is no “free choice” in life, I was imprisoned and tortured multiple times for three years.

Later, in April 2018, She was found on a yacht off the Indian coast, from where she was transported to Dubai.

The Sheikh Mohammed family’s case resurfaced in the media in March 2020, when a London court announced the findings stating that: The governor ordered the kidnapping of his two daughters, the torture of one of them, and the terror of his ex-wife.