What movies are we waiting for? What is the most interesting serial news for us? An interesting study was conducted in the United Kingdom, where interviewers asked some attractive questions about the current preferences of viewers.

During isolation, our habits had to change a little. As well as those related to watching movies, series and TV shows. Many films have not gone to cinemas, but rather to live broadcasts, as cinemas around the world have been closed. Traces of this can be seen to this day, because, for example, in Rzeszów, the advertising banners for the March films are still hanging.

For many of us, SVOD services have become a way to combat the monotony of isolation. Although maybe many after this period can’t look at Netflix and don’t even think about playing the next episode of the series, because we may have taken an overdose of entertainment due to the Coronavirus.

It turns out that the broadcast was reached by 47% of the respondents who took part in the survey between June 25 and July 2. 90% of 3,000 people surveyed use SVOD services, 4% choose on-demand content and only 3% broadcast live TV.

Amazon Prime Video goni Netflix

Netflix turns out to be the most popular service, with up to 92% of respondents using SVOD services. Amazon Prime Video also works well, and it’s growing rapidly in popularity in the UK. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Amazon has been active in Great Britain for years, and the site is rich in local series, movies, and exclusive entertainment programs. As a result, 72% of respondents chose Amazon Prime Video. The surprise was in third place and it was Disney + which also attracted the British. 62% of respondents referred to this service.

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What series were the respondents waiting for the most?

It turns out that although viewers still mostly choose Netflix, they don’t necessarily wait for this site’s products. The survey clearly shows Disney + and Amazon Prime Video are showing British interest the most.

  1. The Mandalorian – Sezon 2 (Disney +)
  2. Falcon and Winter Soldier (Disney +)
  3. Boys – Sezon 2 (Amazon Prime Video)
  4. The Great British Bake Off (Channel 4 Entertainment)
  5. RuPaul’s Drag Race (Polish entertainment show on Netflix)
  6. Adventure Time: Far Lands (HBO Max)
  7. Dome Patrol – Season 2 (HBO GO)
  8. Kraina Lovecrafta (HBO GO)
  9. Hanna – Sezon 2 (Amazon Prime Video)
  10. Searchers for the truth (Amazon Prime Video)

Only 66% of respondents said that they would visit cinemas within the next two months

Let’s hope this is not a trend and we will not be afraid to return to cinemas, the fear of Coronavirus will subside a little. However, this could be different. Many viewers discovered SVOD services while in isolation, and perhaps some of them will find it not only a safer form of watching movies, but also more convenient. I might be wrong.

What movies do your respondents expect the most?

  1. Wonder Woman 1984
  2. Bill and Ted face the music
  3. Quiet place 2
  4. Tenet
  5. Mulan
  6. The King’s Man: The First Mission
  7. Attendance 3: At Satan’s command
  8. Monster hunter
  9. Candy man
  10. The SpongeBob Movie: To The Rescue

An interesting fact though 79% of respondents sayAlthough she prefers Marvel movie adaptations over DC, Black Widow’s movie never made it to the top ten.

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