The Institute for National Remembrance wants to remind all generations how polishing Inventors and scientists contributed to the development of the world. There are 12 scientists in “Science Giants”. Unfortunately, there is not a single woman among them.

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The National Remembrance Institute organizes a referendum in which there are no women. Issues a statement on

After the media storm related to the shortage female Candidates in the referendum of “giants of science”, the Institute for National Memory issued a special statement stating that “the basis of the campaign is the publication of the Institute of History of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, published by the Institute of History of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, “the Polish contribution to natural sciences and technology. Dictionary of Polish explorers, inventors, and pioneers of mathematical and natural sciences and technology”, edited by Professor Boleslaw Orowski, Ph.D.

In the “Giants of Science” poll, you can vote for: Marian Adam Rigowski, Stanislaw Marcin Ulam, Ignacy Moisky, Rudolf Weigl, Jan Kzucheralski, Stefan Władyslaw Barica, Alexander Wasiotsky, Stanisław Vučinius, Tunskius Rogalski and Jerzy Wenda Rudlicki.

“The dictionary is digitized, and biographies of notable Polish women and men are successively available on the project website in two versions in Polish and English. Among them, we can find biographies of many women, includingat. Maria Skłodowskiej-Curie ”- we read in the statement.

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The National Remembrance Institute explains that it “does not forget the woman.” It encourages you to vote in the poll

The Institute for National Remembrance explains that the first ranking shows only selected characters from the Second Republic of Poland, who silhouettes It has already been shown in the 2021 National Memorial Institute calendar and in short films. It also encourages people to vote and learn about the traits of other scientists.

“Women are part of Poland’s history and the Institute of National Remembrance does not forget them, neither in the campaign of the giants of science, nor in its educational campaigns and publications,” says the National Institute of Remembrance. The institute added that it has recently published several brochures about women who have contributed to Polish development.

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