It is your duty to learn for the coming months – the head of MEiN at Primary School No. 7 in Lublin

March 21, 2022

The Minister of Education and Science, Przemyslav Ksarnik, visited today, March 21 this year. Elementary school no. the father. Jan Twardowski in Lublin. At the facility, he met both Polish students and children from Ukraine who were accepted into the school.

The visit of the President of MEiN to Primary School No. 7 in Lublin

During a visit to Primary School No. 7 in Lublin, Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik noted that 81,300 students from Ukraine are currently studying in Polish schools. 10 percent of them reside in the preparatory departments: – There will be more such students, so we are calling for the creation of preparatory departments again – the head of MEiN emphasized.
The Minister of Education and Science indicated that education in preparatory departments will be the best solution for children coming from Ukraine: – It will be possible to create preparatory departments in non-school infrastructure. Today I signed a decree establishing the technical and safety conditions in such facilities that do not belong to the school infrastructure – Minister Przemyslav Kzarnik emphasized.

– This is a very simple way to provide care for Ukrainian children, especially those who do not understand Polish – he added.

Minister Przemysław Czarnka meets with the school community

During the meeting, the head of MEiN spoke with the school community, among others about security issues, the problem of online misinformation, as well as so-called fake news. The Minister of Education and Science also thanked the Polish students for their warm welcome to their peers from Ukraine. He stressed that thanks to this attitude, Ukrainian children can find peace and security in Poland: – I would like to express my pride in the way Polish children behave towards children from Ukraine, and joy that Ukrainian children find peace and security in Poland – emphasized .

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Elementary school no. the father. Jan Twardowski in Lublin

Primary School No. 7 in Lublin was founded in 1915. In 2000 it was named after the father poet. Jan Twardowski. Currently, 540 students are studying at the facility. They achieve high results in exams, participate in thematic, artistic and sports competitions.

Due to the escalation of the armed conflict, 48 students from Ukraine were accepted into the school, and they were included in each class. It is one of the ways children from Ukraine are accepted into the Polish education system. The second section is the preparatory sections, where the focus will be on learning the Polish language.


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