This Saturday at 10:37 am, the Sun will reach the point of Aries, the vernal equinox. Thus, the sidereal spring will begin. However, the weather will still be more like winter conditions, especially in terms of weather temperature.

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Weather in Poland. The snow fell on Friday

Airflow from the Arctic will be noticeable on Friday. Rain will occur especially in the southern regions of Poland The snowWhich may be of moderate severity in the Carpathians periodically. Plus, it will be cooler during the day and at night.

Already during the night from Thursday to Friday, thermometers will show from -4 to -1 degrees, and from Friday to Saturday from -7 to -2 degrees on the beachfront. The coldest area in Bodhill, where according to IMWM projections, will be 9 degrees below zero. During the day the temperature will be from 0 degrees in the northeast to 4 degrees in the west.

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– The blue belt over our country ranges from Russia, Through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, to more Poland, to the Alps, this cold tongue will penetrate from the northeast, from Russia, to Central Europe, including Poland – he said on air TVN24 presented by Tomasz Wasilewski.

Weather in Poland. Chance of a little better weather on Sunday

As he knows IMGWOn Sunday, a slight spike in temperature and a chance for more sun is possible. The exception will be the western part of the country, where the cloud cover will be large, and there will be rain with snow and Is raining.

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However, it will still be cold at night. In the northeast, thermometers will show up to -6 degrees, and in Bodhill it will be -9 degrees. The maximum temperature during the day will be 5 degrees.