How do Nevers Lots of people were ready to start promoting it, wondering how the show would be announced in the face of the allegations against Joss Whedon. And it turned out that the solution was not to confront these allegations at all. When the first ads and trailers Nevers When it came out, many aspects of the show – like the cast, the unique superpowers of its main characters, and the era’s environment – were in sight. But, There was no mention Joss Whedon gets involved.

Casey Blois said the decision not to mention Whedon was not in response to recent allegations against the director, but rather a way to confirm this. Nevers Stand alone. You see, we’ll stop saying “Von Joss Whedon” or “Director.” [Avengers]. “It didn’t really affect the campaign,” explains Blaise. Yes, you expect to have this name [in marketing materials]But performance and creativity speak for themselves. Only a marketing campaign can do this. The show and creation must become themselves. It is clear whether or not this rationale is valid Nevers It will rely on display and marketing activities, not Whedon’s name, to grab viewers’ attention.

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