On Saturday, April 10, the next edition of the Off-North Festival, a review of dramatic and minor musical forms, will begin in ód. This year, most of the “Be Yourself Anyway” events will be held online.

The idea of ​​the festival, which has been organized by Musical Theater in Lodz since 2017, is to promote music outside the theater, non-commercial, and music scenes. Its organizers contend that the event aims to show that contemporary musical theater is not only great musicals, but also a space for intimate celebration of the word and the search for new forms of musical expression.

“The epidemic has frustrated our plans again. We realized the need to change the formula to the Internet, we have a program prepared in this version, but I must admit that we dreamed of a personal meeting with the audience” – admitted the artistic director of the festival Krzysztof Wawrzyniak.

He informed that the artistic events from April 10 to 18 will be available online at www.offpolnocna.com and on the YouTube channel of ód Musical Theater. Off-North 2021 will consist of four Jonasz Kofta shows and finals as well as interviews with artists, workshops and panel discussions broadcast by Lutnia Radio Theater.

This year, the theme for the review of minor dramas and musical forms will be “Be yourself – after all”. “It is a clash of individualism and the individual with aspects of the surrounding reality: social, cultural or religious, and this is the subject of the selected performances and concerts this year,” Wozyniak said.

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On Saturday at 6:30 pm, the festival will open with a concert entitled “Attention! This is a Citizen!” Carolina Mikota from Wroclaw, who will present selected works by Grzegorz Ciechowski and Kora Jackowska in the new jazz environment.

Monodar Magdalena Bochan-Jachimek “Goldfish Before 40” is scheduled for Sunday. The actress questions people’s desires, and deals with their plans and dreams.

“Thanks to the exaggeration, the condition of a modern man appears, immersed in everyday life, who does not notice the passage of his youth. And all this so that the viewers can ask themselves the basic question: What is my dream? And why do I not realize it?” – the organizers noted.

Next weekend, Saturday, April 17th, the virtual Off-North stage will belong to the capital’s Potem-o-tem Theater. Smooth Surfaces is a story set in a virtual space. The protagonist loses contact with the girl he fell in love with during a video chat session. During his nightly searches in the meandering of the network, he will have to overcome complexities and face a dire past. A story about love, fear, uncertainty, lies, self-creation – about what the internet gives us and what it takes away from us.

The final date of the Song Contest was set for the third stage of the Finals. Jonas Kofta. Young singers will stand before a jury made up of Vojciech Koscielnyak, Puter Kofta and Konrad Emila, among others. The online contest winners’ performances and the “Song is Good for Everything” concert will end this year’s Off-North edition.

Access to events is free. People who have purchased tickets and passes for this year’s or last year’s edition can return to the box office of the Lodz Musical Theater during theater hours. Tickets and cards purchased by bilety24.pl will be returned automatically.