As he knows Reuters, At a press conference, Boris Johnson said that because of the rapid implementation of the vaccination program in Great Britain With the number of infections dropping from April 12, his government will start easing current restrictions. This means that bars and restaurants will be opened that will be able to receive guests in their gardens, gyms, hairdressers and all the shops. The British Prime Minister confirmed that after the bars opened, he would go to one for a beer.

At the same time, Boris Johnson stated that people should still, if they can, work remotely. He called for reducing the number of trips. He stressed that at present in bars and restaurants, customers will not have to present the so-called passport vaccine, although he did not exclude that such a condition may arise in the future.

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Rapid tests for residents

The British government announced, Monday, that starting Friday, all English residents will be able to quickly take coronavirus tests twice a week for free, whether or not they show signs of infection.

As Health Minister Matt Hancock emphasized, this will help contain potential outbreaks of infection that may arise along with easing restrictions. Group tests aim to detect people who are asymptomatic despite infection – about a third of those infected are asymptomatic and may spread them without their knowledge. virus.

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