US officials announced on Friday (June 11) that they will do so Foreman Deployment of two Iranian warships with the ultimate goal of Venezuela. However, there was no speculation about Iran’s possible intentions.

We are monitoring the spread of these two ships John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, confirmed at a news conference.

According to American media, one of the ships sailing south along the eastern coast of Africa is the Makran, and it is considered the largest Iranian production ship, and it has a platform for transporting up to seven helicopters.

For now, the governments of Iran and Venezuela, which have close ties, are keeping silent about the ships’ final destination. Tehran merely said that it would travel through international waters in the Atlantic Ocean.

The presence of warships could undermine US authority in the region and fuel debate in Washington over President Joe Biden’s administration’s decision to resume negotiations with Tehran.

Source: DW

Marcin Janic

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