Under the conditions of the prevailing epidemic, the company has succeeded in hiring new employees and implementing its financial transformation plans. From March 2020 to April 2021, the company employed 142 finance professionals, converting annual fixed-term contracts into open-term employment contracts, with a trial period of 3 months. This change confirms employment stability in the & nbspGSK Finance Hub – & nbspEurope and reflects the way talent is managed in the organization.

After more than a year in operation, GSK Finance Hub – & nbspEurope can boast of significant progress in transferring financing. The numerous achievements include: establishing a company with Pfizer, with the aim of creating a new global leader in consumer and over-the-counter products, the positive results of the internal audit of the Reporting and Oversight Division, emphasizing the appropriate transformation of financial affairs in Europe, in adapting key control mechanisms and adapting Main control mechanisms: Transferring financial control to the center. Furthermore, GSK Finanse Hub – & nbspEurope received Platinum Trainee Development accreditation from ACCA, to join the exclusive group of employers supporting ACCA students. This means that employees can gain the necessary experience to become a member of ACCA within their scope of work at & nbspGSK.

What defines GSK Finance Hub – Europe?

As one & nbspMaciej (Financial Controller) says: “GSK Finance Hub – & nbspEurope is not a shared service center where basic financial operations are carried out, but rather a specialized center that uses specialists from all over Europe responsible for areas such as control, financial reporting, compliance, planning and forecasting using tools Advanced. Interesting duties, a great atmosphere, and daily communication with the English language make GSK Finance Hub an ideal place to enter a higher level of career in finance. “

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It should be noted that in GSK’s financial operating model, specialized financial teams support business decisions and collaborate closely with financial managers for European markets, recurring financial operations of O2C, P2P and R2R are mostly managed by GSK’s strategic partner Genpact and finally by GSK Operations Center, namely Company located in & nbspbounia. The local teams, located in the GSK offices at & nbspEurope, carry out activities in the field of business partnership, taking into account the local specificity of the financial activities.

GSK Finance Hub – & nbspEurope, Genpact and GSK Operations collaborate on “One Finance”, which means that they work as a single global team and that the relationships between them are based on partnership, based on positive attitude, sympathy, respect and trust.


Work culture. Administration method

In order to do the best job, employees have the opportunity to act freely based on the confidence of management. Leaders are here to encourage, learn from, and share their perspectives, and foster an organizational culture that focuses on a common goal and results. This support builds the employees’ confidence and knowledge needed to meet the challenges and advance in the chosen role and beyond.

One of the benefits for people far from the Finance Hub might be the newly introduced Performance with Choice program. This is another initiative for modern employers that introduces a change in work culture. This change aims to meet employees’ expectations regarding more flexibility in choosing the method and place of work (Home Office or GSK office) and help achieve the best results, while being concerned with luxury. GSK Finance Hub – & nbspEurope supports employees so that they can decide for themselves how and where to work, so that people do not choose between work and life, and can enjoy one and the other. As a modern business owner, GSK empowers employees to be themselves, share ideas and collaborate, whether in modern office spaces or remotely.


Cultural and linguistic diversity

International teams are a source of pride for GSK Finance Hub – & nbspEurope. More than 20% of about 300 employees come from outside the territory of the Republic of Poland.

They include people from Italy, Great Britain, Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Portugal, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mexico, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia. And Vietnam. This makes GSK Finance Hub – & nbspEurope a culturally rich and interesting place to work due to its international environment, diverse forms of thinking and worldview. In cultural diversity, GSK sees an opportunity to achieve better results in teamwork. Within the organization, activities are carried out to learn about cultural differences so that everyone, regardless of their origin, feels comfortable. Working in an international environment also creates excellent conditions for learning and practicing foreign languages. The possibility of cooperation with & nbsppartners from & nbsp20 European countries and business trips is an excellent opportunity to develop linguistic and cultural competencies.

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Press release: GSK