The INTERPOL Red Notice is an international arrest warrant for the world’s most wanted criminals. However, when a risky heist crosses the paths of the best-behaved of the FBI (played by Dwayne Johnson) and two rival criminals (Gadot, Reynolds), it is difficult to predict what will happen – we can read in the official description of the plot of the “Red Note” .

Originally, this movie was to be shown in cinemas. However, Studio Universal decided to sell the rights to it on the Netflix platform. Thus, this film officially became the most expensive in the history of Netflix – its budget is estimated at $ 200 million. Interestingly, the switch from Universal to streaming was not due to the COVID-19 pandemic, like most similar cases in recent months. The deal took place before the outbreak of the epidemic. NEW

The budget for “Red Note” isn’t necessarily about how amazing and skillful the movie is. It is believed that about $100 million, or half of the total production budget, was spent on the salaries of three of his stars. Reynolds and Gadot were each scheduled to receive $20 million, but it is not known exactly how much Johnson received for participating in the film. He is known, however, to be one of the best-paid actors today. To these accounts, it may also be necessary to add the recently famous compensation to the actors thanks to Scarlett Johansson for the hypothetical losses they incurred due to the transfer of the premiere of the film from cinemas to broadcast. With all this in mind, there isn’t as much money left to make the movie as you might think. After the premiere of the movie trailer, we can hear voices that the announced $200 million is not visible in it.

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“The Red Note” is directed and written by Rawson Marshall Thurber (“The Millers”, “Skyscraper”). Other roles featured in the film, among others, are Alexander Perkins, Brianna Marie Narayan, Guy Nardoli, and Raphael Petardi.