Nowadays, reaching thousands or even millions of online recipients with your content is no bigger problem. It is enough to have an idea for yourself and then implement it constantly and patiently. The effects will come sooner or later.

In theory, in order to appear on the Internet, you just need to record a video or upload a photo and … wait. Even during quarantine, new videos, blogs and vlogs keep popping up on the web. The more emotion and the more controversy, the higher the ranges, of course. In addition, the content provided by influencers must meet the conditions of the so-called social currency. It should be “interesting”, which doesn’t mean (unfortunately) that it’s true. Fresh and exciting, because their contrast always attracts attention.

This was the assumption made by many people in the United States who decided to appear on the Internet at any cost. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is that they do it in a very dangerous way. Atlanta police were getting video files in their mailboxes showing people traveling (or actually hanging) on ​​truck mirrors. The problem is that the entire procedure takes place on I-85, at relatively high speeds.

Fear of thinking about what would happen if the mirror suddenly broke. A record of such an event just hit YouTube, and netizens have no doubt that this is an audience-targeted action. Well, you see, some people are able to risk their health and life to become famous for a moment.

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