Several hundred people doing yoga in Anna Gardens, 35 hours of thrilling movie sessions, over a hundred joyful dogs and dozens of bike wheels repaired. For this intergenerational dance, concerts, theater and delicious coffee! This is how Echo Investment can sum up the first summer season of attractions taking place this summer in the already shared part of Fuzja. The revitalized area of ​​Karol Scheibler’s former textile mill and historic Boiler House has delighted residents of ód and visitors from other cities.

Year after year, the post-industrial scene of لودód changes beyond recognition, proudly reminding you of the city’s industrial traditions. Part of these changes is the Fusion, which is being built on the spot where the Scheibler family’s textile empire, known throughout Europe, operated at the turn of the 20th century. This huge post-industrial area had been inaccessible to people for many years and was deteriorating before our very eyes. Currently, thanks to the activation done here, it had regained its former splendor. In July of this year, the first public space opened in Vozja – Anna Gardens and part of the Art Nouveau Scheppler power plant, the historic Boiler House. There have been many art events and attractions that connect generations throughout the summer. The fusion started to come alive again.

The first season of “Fuzja z Lato” was special for all of us. First of all, we have opened up a space that has been inaccessible for many years and is therefore a little forgotten, and secondly – we are talking about a historical area that requires a proper place. We wanted to show Fusion to everyone, regardless of age, so we focused on different thematic activities and those aimed at all generations. It turned out to be a bull’s-eye! Fusion won the hearts of our guests who were delighted with the boiler room interior design and the ambiance of the attractions organized here. During these holidays, everyone could find something interesting for themselves, as people willingly shared information about events in Fuzja on their social profiles and invited friends to spend time together at the summer attractions of Boiler House and Anna Gardens. Season 1 of “Fuzja z Lato” was a huge success, and we’re so glad we were able to give away part of this exceptional area in لودód and invite the townspeople here again. – He says Marcelina Banac Fouzja project coordinator with Eco Investment Company.

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artistic fusion

The walls of the former Boiler House hosted the summer art summer cinema – Polówka. Every Sunday, against the backdrop of a huge cauldron, guests can watch two shows for free – one aimed at young viewers and the other – for big movie fans as part of the Arthouse section. The first Polówka game of this kind was in لودód, which was held inside a historic building, rather than traditionally outdoors. In total, the cinema with the boiler in the background gathered hundreds of viewers and broadcast 35 hours of shows. A concert of talented young artists from the Academy of Music in لودód, who make up the Venus String Quartet, was also held in Kotłownia. The violin, viola, and cello were in motion, and the interior of the historic Boiler House was filled with movie music and entertainment. Kotłownia was also very culinary, and there were two cooking festivals as part of Restaurant Week and Jemy Food Fest. Moreover, there was the opportunity to integrate to become part of one of the most popular artistic initiatives – the Lodz Festival of Four Cultures. In one of the historical buildings, the festival premiere dedicated to Karol Scheibler – “The Cotton King” by Arkadiusz Buszko, in which actors from the Arlekin Theater performed.

Entertaining fusion

During the summer holidays, you cannot forget the fun that binds generations. On summer Saturday evenings, the Boiler House was transformed into a ballroom, where seniors and their children and grandchildren enjoyed live music. Intergenerational dance parties were very popular among the guests. Likewise, the workshops – in knitting, ceramics, painting and dancing – gathered a lot of interested people. Interiors in the Art Nouveau style were also visited by football fans, who followed the feelings of the European Nations Cup live. On the other hand, outdoors, in Anna Gardens, located next to the historic Schipler power plant, on weekends you can take advantage of free chess lessons, practice yoga under the supervision of qualified teachers, as well as play badminton and soccer. Table tennis or balls. There were also several board games available for everyone, which made resting on blankets and lounge chairs a lot more fun. Guests of summer attractions had the opportunity to repair their bike for free, to participate with pets in workshops organized by the creators of the podcast “Psia Stacja” and to participate in the “book collection” and exchange readings with other readers. In Anna’s gardens, of course, delicious coffee, served by Mr. Rorske, and hand-made ice cream cannot be missed.

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Event agency Live was responsible for organizing events at Fuzja, and communications were made by Beyond Public Relations.

Integration with summer 2021

Vozga is a multi-stage investment that will combine office, retail and service functions, as well as restaurants, as well as residential buildings, a city square (Annie’s Gardens) and open and green public areas of approximately 4 hectares. They are all located near the historic buildings of Karol Scheibler’s former textile mills, which are a heritage of لودód Fabrichna. In total, 20 buildings will be erected on an area of ​​u200bu200b8 hectares, of which 14 are historical buildings.