Card. Brandmuller is one of those hierarchies who have written and sent to the official Dubia Pope on the advice of Amoris Laetitia to request clarification of the questionable parts of this document. A German cleric has now published an article on the church and the new liturgical orders.

In his comment, Brandmuller questions whether this arbitrary decree is actually a kind of “test balloon” to test reactions to further news and changes. Is this not a symptom of the problematic exercise of power in the Vatican?

“It has already been suggested that this is a test balloon, and its purpose is to test the response that would be expected from the intended innovations. But if that were correct, then the very serious question would have to be posed as to whether the power of the keys could be exercised in this way in the Church of Jesus Christ.”

Cardinal Brandmüller reminds us that the exercise of authority in the Church is not unlimited but is subject to natural law and Christian moral law. He says she should be “very reminded”Full power “- That is, the spiritual fullness of power – of the Roman primacy, finds its limits in both natural law and Christian moral law. Therefore, this authority is “complete” insofar as it does not depend on any force – ground – higher, but it is not infinite in any way. Therefore, if in our case there is an intentional matter that violates positive and natural law, the consequences of ignoring the law must be categorically emphasized. Law and Justice. ”

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Cardinal Brandmuller appears to be telling the Catholic world that strong resistance to the Pope’s abuse of power is needed.

The German Cardinal – like Cardinal Burke – describes the official breaches of this order issued by the State Secretariat. It misses the protocol number and signature, and the Department of State is not responsible for St. Peter states that the March 12th message is not binding on its form and content. ”

The German bishop also notes that the authority responsible for matters related to the basilica rests in the hands of the cathedral department headed by the Cardinal – Cardinal President Mauro Gambetti, but this authority has been removed. “This is a case of usurpation or a violation of rights,” Brandmuller wrote.

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