Below you will find spoilers for Mass effect 3 Awraz Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Evening fans Mass effect They falsely know Tali well. Quarian with a flair for engineering was one of Captain Shepard’s few buddies who collaborated with the protagonist in all three games. One of the biggest mysteries surrounding this character was the question of her face. Like the rest of the Quarian dynasty, Tali wore clothing that completely covered the body and protected a weakened immune system from microbes. If it is in the third part Chose Quarianka as Shepard’s partner, Then a picture of Tala without a mask appeared in the commander’s private cabin.

The original image caused a lot of controversy among fans because it was a stock image that was slightly reworked. Then the players were disappointed with the solution, which they thought was the half of the whistle.

The Legendary Edition I changed Tali’s picture ?? This was information I showed Yesterday on Reddit is dedicated to this series Mass effect. User Maxgoods, who shared this revelation, has attached a screenshot of the new photo as evidence. This is not a change or a fan modification where the change was made Has been confirmed On Twitter by another player. Is this change more appropriate? Every fan of the series must answer this question himself.

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