Almost sixty children will benefit from free lessons in community centers, which have been established in the Opatów Cultural Center and Bartosz Głowacki High School building. Various types of activities are offered as well as parenting support.

From Monday, February 15th, in the newly created community clubs in Opatov, there Activities for children And young people between the ages of 6 and 18. Both Opatów Cultural Center and Bartosz Głowacki High School have places for 30 children. In total, 60 young residents of Opatów can benefit from it.

The project “The Social Protection Program in Obatov City and Obatov District” is funded within the framework of the European Social Fund – Regional Operational Program of the witokrzyskiy district. The beneficiary of the project is the Boviyat Cultural Center in partnership with the Obato Cultural Center and the Local Europe Foundation Center.
– In both clubs there will be lessons in English, IT and Dance lessons– Longina Ordon, director of the Obato Cultural Center, says – A great opportunity for project participants is to learn to play instruments that were purchased as part of the daycare centers.

Thanks to the project, it was possible to begin to adapt the rooms and equip them with the necessary furniture and equipment to conduct the classes. In addition, the project is also aimed at parents and is supposed to support them in the care and education function by providing advice, specialist advice, treatment and mediation as well as legal aid.
The largest number of hours is planned for music lessons, which will already take place in the renovated music room, equipped with new instruments – saxophones, trumpets, oboe and clarinet. New instruments and the start of learning to play them is the next stage of work on the construction of the brass youth group in Opatov, which will be directed by Isabella Vojcirovska.

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Also purchased were laptops, a desktop computer with software, a projector, a set of board games, educational props, a virtual reality console with a set of games and a TV for everyday rooms.

When it comes to music classes, the Opatovsky Cultural Center teaches how to play accordion, trumpet, flute, saxophone and clarinet. Aside from the project, the center also offers lessons in tuba, saxorne, and pumpkin. In “Bartosh”, project participants will learn to play the piano and guitar. The flag will be guided by the slogan “Let’s have fun with music”.
We have great teachers who will definitely be able to pass on their passion and love for music to our students – says the director of the Opatov Cultural Center.

Izabela Wojcierowska mentioned above is a graduate of Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce in the field of musical art, majoring in conducting bands and singing on stage. She graduated from Kapelmistrzowskie College in Nowy Sącz – brass band teacher, Kapelmistrz and Tamburmajor, as well as Krakow Music School in clarinet and saxophone class. She is a voice and rhythm teacher, and the winner of the “Brain. Bright Mind” program.

Marcin Shilbani is a graduate of the Academy of Music. Grażyna and Kiejstuta Bacewicz in Lodz, musician from the Symphony Orchestra at Świętokrzyska Philharmonic, director of the Świętokrzyska brass band and conductor of Marshal’s Brass in Kielce.

Andrzej Gumiela – Lecturer in the saxophone at the Institute of Music Education at Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce in the years 1995-2015. Since 1992 he has been collaborating with the Świętokrzyska Philharmonic Orchestra, performing saxophone solo parts in a symphony orchestra. He is the author of numerous studies and multi-instrument arrangements, session musician and regular collaborator at Kielce’s recording studio.

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