Solidarnoci Square in Szczecin, where the “Przełomy” dialogue center operates, will change. It will be greener. Robert Konechny, an architect from studio KWK Promes responsible for the square’s current shape, stated that reports on the state of the climate convinced him to have a facelift.

– As for Solidarity Square, it turns out to be a very well-functioning public forum. Lots of people come there. This place is alive! People express their opinions there, watch movies and organize concerts. There had never been such a place in Szczecin before and – as life has shown – it was so much needed. Let’s not spoil it, but let’s do something to respond to what’s going on with the climate. That is why we are planning for points actions, introduction of lower green spaces, retention of green spaces around the plaza – said Konecny ​​during the conversation on the Future Builders platform. Subsequent reports on the state of the climate meant we had to act.

Geblewicz: The people of Szczecin fell in love with Solidarity Square

The National Museum has a similar opinion – the Dialogue Center “Przełomy” is its branch – and the Westpomeranian District Council. The Board reports that works will include, among other things: alteration of the building’s facade, memorial wall, micro-architecture, lighting, and construction of new farms.

– When the “Breakthroughs” dialogue center was built, there were voices of criticism. But when it was hailed as a success in architectural competitions in Poland and around the world and became an arena that connects people for every occasion, the Szczeciners fell in love with the place. Today, based on this space, we want to create an additional symbolism – not only to indicate history, but also our aspirations to be a city and a green area to be an environmental leader in Poland – says Olgerd Geblewicz, Marshal of West Pomerania. – That is why we have been discussing with the designer for several months what I would call the ecological bridge of the square. The decision of the Voivodship Council officially started this process. When the documents are ready, we want to start work as soon as possible.

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Activation concept until mid-December

In front of the National Museum in Szczecin until mid-December this year to prepare the concept of revitalizing the square.

The center has received several architectural awards, including. It was recognized as the best public space in Europe in the 2016 European Prize for Urban Public Space competition and as the best building in the world 2016 in the international competition World Architecture Festival.

It is also a place for meetings and discussions. And on Tuesday, at five in the evening, there will be a conference dedicated to Belarus under the slogan “We will be reborn from the ashes”. © ℗

Alan Sasinowski