Recently, an investigative judge in Lodz announced the results of a competition for the concept of a new city council, which will be held in the new Lodz city center. The AGG Group, although it did not win the main prize, presented an interesting project with a skyscraper in the foreground.

  • The new town hall in Lodz is to be a building connecting all the cells of the office. In addition, the building will include services and restaurants.
  • The facility will be constructed in the new center of Lodz.

A team of architects AGG Group Consists of: Matilda Grabowska, Anna Graubuska, Katarzyna Olekowska and Adrian Umegelsky decided that function and location required the creation of a distinct and recognizable architecture. The designers’ goal was to create an interesting, unique and unique shape in the emerging urban planning.

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– From a structural, architectural and functional point of view, we found it necessary to emphasize the diversity of functions of the three buildings in the “City Hall Complex”, that is, the main building of the town hall, and the independent commercial part – the office building and the “sculpture”, that is, the unique building of the city council in Cupro Square , The architects say.

The consequence of this assumption is the decision to separate the main building of the municipality building from the office building, whenever complete functional independence is assumed. Both the office building (which is an important landmark in this part of the city) and the town hall have their own architectural identity in the project, with each installation being constructed. An intimate public space will be created between the two buildings, “hidden” between the high walls of both buildings, where a private entrance area will be arranged.

– In our concept, the role of an office building in this complex of buildings is to emphasize the status and values ​​of the town hall building, among other things, through a different form of architecture. On the one hand, we have focused on the common compositional axes and the continuing “presence” of the office building in view from inside the City Hall through the glass ceiling foyer – the engineers say and add that the main building of the City Hall is an indication of the historical architectural heritage of Lodz, including through the use of The city-specific details are, of course, in a modern version.

In the heart of the City Hall, the congested lobby is designed, finished in stone and wood and surrounded by a “green” look, creating an amphitheater, waiting rooms, exhibition spaces, staircases and communication connections. Under the amphitheater, the project assumed the creation of a representative area, the so-called waiting rooms, recreation, meeting and exhibition rooms. In the space of the lobby, a floating art composition has been proposed, consisting of boats representing the symbol of the city. Light glass footbridges that cross the 8-story lobby space will connect two wings of the City Hall on several floors – and their design will be adapted to the needs of the office.

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