The head of the US office in Warsaw, in an interview with, noted that Polish-American relations are still at a good level, and relations between these two countries are still sound.

We are bound by deep historical and institutional ties between the United States and Poland – personal ties thanks to all Americans with Polish roots, as well as security and military ties within NATO. We are linked by investment relations, a shared commitment to support democracy in Belarus and Ukraine, as well as everything that exists between these areas. In general, this means that we have a similar view on many issues plaguing our countries and the world. Poland is a great partner and usually – from this perspective – a like-minded partner – He argued.

Bex Aliu noted that “raising the status of promoting and defending democracy and human rights” is a priority of Joe Biden’s policy. Sometimes we may disagree, but as two self-confident and close-knit democracies, the United States and Poland speak without hesitation about our shared values ​​and strategic interests. – He said.

When asked about a possible meeting between the US president and Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, the diplomat replied evasively.

Because of the pandemic, President Biden has traveled abroad very little thus far. His first foreign trip was a trip to Brussels, where he met President Andrej Duda. Presidents Biden and Duda participated in many online events together, including the recent COVID summit in September on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.– He said.

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Aliu also noted that he was marinating his fingers to get a quick nod Marek Brzezinski For the US ambassador to Poland.

nuclear power station

As the diplomat emphasized, cooperation in the field of nuclear energy is currently one of the most important areas of Poland’s relations with the United States. Westinghouse will propose its AP1000 reactor to Warsaw for a nuclear power plant construction project. We are currently in technical talks on the structure and financing of this project Ali said.

Poland He wants the safest and most advanced nuclear technologyThe United States is proud to support this ambitious project. Our partnership in the development of Poland’s civilian nuclear program is critical to Poland’s achievement of the EU’s goals to reduce emissions and enhance its energy security. Nuclear energy, as a clean, safe and reliable source of energy, provides access to clean, sustainable and affordable energy. – added

Nord Stream 2

When asked about the issue of the German-Russian gas pipeline, Bex Aliu said that a lot of misunderstanding has arisen recently.

This is a bad business for Germany; It is a bad business for Europe. It is a Russian geopolitical project that threatens the energy security of Europe, Ukraine and NATO allies on the eastern side announced.

Thanks to the sanctions, it was possible to delay the implementation of the project long enough for Poland to develop its own alternative gas supplies. This is a great victory. But when NS2 was 95% complete earlier this year, it became clear that sanctions wouldn’t simply stop the project. Therefore, we negotiated with Germany commitments and guarantees aimed at mitigating the risks associated with the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. – He explained, adding that thanks to US diplomatic measures, Germany pledged to supply gas to Ukraine and the third energy package of this gas pipeline stagnated.

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Germany has pledged to guarantee gas supplies to Ukraine and implement the third energy package on Nord Stream 2.

This is a better outcome than if the gas pipeline was completed without mitigating the risks to Ukraine and other elements of European security Happy Peaks Alio.

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