On Friday, the Lodz University of Technology opens its 77th academic year. Despite the pandemic, most classes will take place in classrooms, while maintaining sanitary requirements. The opening lecture will be given by three people related to science and sport – the authorities of the Lodz University of Technology announced.

Press spokesperson for Lodz University of Technology, Dr. Iwa Shujnaka announced that the opening of the academic year of the university will take place for the first time in the new lecture hall of the professor. Tadeusz Paryjczak in the Alchemium Building.

“Before that, senators and registered persons will march in a colorful entourage to lay flowers at the memorial to Professor Bohdan Stefanovsky, the rector of the university and the first organizer” – said Chujnaka. “As is customary, the rector of the Lodz University of Technology, Professor Krzysztof Jovic, will deliver the opening speech. The best students will also be honored during the ceremony. Five distinguished scientists will receive the title of first professor” – she said.

“The opening will end with an extraordinary lecture by three people, which the Dean of the Lodz University of Technology called a special triumvirate,” the spokeswoman noted. “World-famous physicist Professor Katarzyna Bernal, successfully practicing road cycling, PhD student at Lodz University of Technology and Olympic champion from Tokyo, MA, engineer Alexandra Bednarek” – announced a university spokeswoman.

“After the break caused by the epidemic, students will appear in the classrooms. Classes in groups of up to 30 people, such as exercises, projects, seminars, language courses or physical education, will be conducted at Lodz University of Technology. Online lectures will be held mainly for more people – Tell Shujnaka.

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On Friday, P will begin her 77th academic year in history.

The university educates approximately 12,500 students. The faculty at Lodz University of Technology consists, among others, of 1,200 academic teachers, including more than 380 qualified professors and physicians. The Lodz University of Technology ranks eighth among the 100 universities of technology in the “Perspektywy” ranking. The University of Lodz is – according to its press services – a research center where innovative solutions are created. TUL is the second university in Poland in the ranking of granted patents filed by domestic and foreign entities.

For the 2021/22 academic year, the Lodz University of Technology has accepted nearly 3.9 thousand students for first-cycle studies. people, and phase II studies – 750 people. In the winter term, TUL will teach 239 students from 15 countries as part of the exchange in the Erasmus programme, incl. From Spain, France, Portugal and Turkey. (PAP)

Author: Hubert Bekrycht

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