If you miss your chance to get in PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. At launch this week, you’ll have another opportunity later this month during Black Friday 2020. GameStop recently released an Black Friday announcement It has also confirmed that it will have limited stock of PS5, Series X, and S in stores only on Black Friday (Nov.27).

GameStop stores will open at 7 a.m. local time on Black Friday, and all stores will have at least two PS5 units and two Xbox Series X devices upon opening, according to the announcement. A press release confirms that the S-Series will also be available, but PS5 Digital has not been offered or explicitly mentioned, so it’s unclear if this system will be widely available. We suggest calling your local store for availability.

GameStop’s move to place console orders only in store on one of the busiest shopping days of the year contrasts starkly with what we’ve seen at other retailers recently. Sony announced All Launch Day PS5 orders will be online only Because of safety precautions around the COVID-19 pandemic, though Best Buy’s Black Friday ad also features the PS5 and Xbox Series X., Consoles will only be restricted to online purchases when available in stock.

If you decide to head over to your local GameStop this Friday morning and secure your PS5 or Xbox Series X / S, you will get Several payment options Available. This includes classic mode, where you can reserve the console in store until you pay it off in full; Installment plans that allow you to pay your purchases in four installments over a period of six weeks; And rent to own, allowing you to take the console home with “minimal upfront funds” and repay it in 1 to 12 months. You also reserve the option to return it at any time.

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Verify PS5 Buying Guide And the Xbox Series X Buying Guide. For more information on when and where to find next-generation controllers in stock during the launch week and beyond. Plus, keep an eye on what’s new Black Friday 2020 news and deals, Including sales coming in Best buyAnd the WalmartAnd and Targeting.

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