Twenty-four former US ambassadors to Eastern Europe, retired generals, and former US military leaders in Europe have called on President Joe Biden to change his policy toward Russia. In their opinion, the Kremlin authorities are preparing to invade Ukraine and the coming days will be decisive in the development of the situation on the border. They stressed that “Washington, in the most rigorous consultations possible with allies in NATO and Ukraine, should take immediate steps to influence the calculation of the Kremlin’s profits and losses, before the Russian leadership decides to continue its military escalation.”

These steps should include in their assessment prepared painful sanctions drawn up jointly with the European Union countries, training assistance and supplies of equipment for the Ukrainian army, and the strengthening of NATO’s military presence in the countries of the eastern flank.

important step

We asked a foreign affairs expert, Professor Przemyslav Sorowski Phil Greewski, a political scientist at the University of Lodz, how he assessed the attractiveness of American experts. – This is a welcome step, but unfortunately from the expert circles, and not from the decision-makers – he pointed out.

I think the scale of mistakes the Biden administration has made over the past year is quite clear to everyone who deals with Russian research topics, so this call is not surprising.

– He said. “Signs of US weakness sent since the beginning of last year have encouraged Putin to adopt an aggressive policy,” said Professor Sorowski Phil Greewski.

What will Biden do?

– Unfortunately, I am not optimistic when it comes to changing the position of the US administration, because it is not a lack of information, but rather certain decisions, wrong calculations, but they were made.

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– pointed out.

– Although such calls may affect the correction of the current American policy, especially in the event of the approaching of the so-called congressional elections in the United States, where the Democratic administration must be careful not to lose completely in both houses of Parliament. Continuation of the current streak is the easiest way to a crushing defeat in the election

– Added Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski.