Bolsonaro He was admitted to hospital Sao Paulo With severe abdominal pain.

The Villa Nova Star Hospital reported that the president “has no fever or abdominal pain.”

“There is no definitive assessment of the need for surgical intervention yet” – the doctors emphasized.

“Further tests will be done for a possible abdominal surgery” – wrote in bolsonaro twitter, He also posts a picture of him raising his thumb on a hospital bed.

This will be the fifth abdominal surgery Jaira Bolsonaro From the time he stayed Stabbed during his 2018 presidential campaign – writes AFP.

The medical bulletin shows that too Bolsonaro Now he’s good enough to be able to walk a few steps down the hospital corridor.

His advisor confirmed that “the president is fine and is being dealt with,” noting that the head of state is subject to “various checks.”

Jair Bolsonaro She stated on Twitter that this was the second time she had been hospitalized with “the same symptoms.” In July 2021, he was transferred to Villa Nova Star due to an intestinal obstruction.

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