The Territory Defense Forces Command has launched a new recruitment site. On, anyone considering joining the ranks of the 3rd Semi-Carpathian Regional Defense Brigade can quickly and easily find direct contact with a recruiter from their region.

Regional Defense Forces recruits are soldiers – volunteers who have served at least a year. “Our main advantage is that we ourselves are soldiers (…). As a result, we are the same people we are going to recruit, right after basic training ”- Diana Przyborka, one of the top recruits from Mazovia, told us in the interview. “We had the same concerns and the same questions. We were also wondering what would happen when we showed up in the unit (…) for training. Today, based on our own experience, we are able to answer all the candidates’ questions and dispel their doubts.” “We try to reach people. We start meetings. But we also campaign on city streets, with the goal of being interested in serving in the Regional Defense Forces. Our strength is our uniform and our stance,” says Senior Manager Diana Coyle.

Recruits model the formation performance and daily course of service to soldiers not only by speaking and conveying dry facts, but also by presenting photos and videos and sharing their own experiences. Thus, they prepare future followers for “what they can meet in the ranks of the OT, what they can expect from the military, and what the military will demand of them.

In this first contact, it is also important to provide information on the “conditions that must be met to join the army”. We are talking about physical, mental and emotional conditions. Recruits have constant contact with them from the start, once you establish contact with a volunteer until their incarnation, and sometimes even after their incarnation. They have knowledge and experience that they can share with those interested in the service. Recruits are happy to answer any questions or doubts regarding the decision to begin military service.

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You can arrange a live meeting with recruits of the 3rd Subcarpathian Regional Defense Brigade, at a convenient time and place, of course, it is possible to contact us by phone or e-mail. The contact with the employee from the district in which the volunteer lives can be found at, by entering the name of the district.

Enlistment in the territorial defense forces through the means of conscription, apart from obtaining “from the source” knowledge of the service, is also a great facilitation of the formal recruitment process, thanks to the fact that during the meeting the recruit can accept an application for a summons to regional military service.

WOT Recruiters is a project that has been running for less than a year. The project has already proven to be very effective in the recruitment process for the training. Every seventh RDF enlisted soldier made their decision in 2021 after speaking to the recruit. These systems are also used in other countries, for example in the USA.

The website now launched is created so that people who are looking for answers in various forums or discussion groups on the Internet can quickly find the most reliable information about employment – through direct contact with the recruiter, who may become a neighbor of the volunteer. At the moment, there are 6 recruits in the 3rd Podkarpacka Brigade in the OT.

The recruitment system support concept by offering recruits was modeled in part on the model used in the National Guard of the United States, Great Britain, or Scandinavia. WOT’s experience to date shows that the best recruits are the territories themselves, who work in their areas for the communities they identify with and whom they serve.

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captain. Surah Witold
3 PBOT . Spokesperson