The Covid-19 outbreak devastated the owners of a Cambridgeshire bar.

The White Horse in Eton Sokon, Saint Newts, was forced to close temporarily after six employees tested positive for the deadly virus.

Owners Stewart and Karen – who were among those who contracted Covid-19 – revealed the news in a heartbreaking letter to their customers this morning (Dec.14).

They said the outbreak had “broken them” after working hard to provide a “safe and enjoyable environment” for clients.

The news comes less than two weeks ago birthday, With the pub now closed until at least Friday, December 18th.

“We feel we have let down all of you”

In the post, Stuart and Karen said: “As you can imagine, this has shattered Karen and I because all we’ve tried to do is provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all of you.

“Our team is so important to us that they feel more like a family than an employee, and we feel like we’ve let all of you down.

“We are putting fog over the canopy after each evening service to help with our strict cleaning regimes, so we hope that any strain of virus will be removed between each day we open it.

“We are not sure when we will reopen yet and we will keep you informed on our social channels.”

The Cambridgeshire The pub was supposed to be open throughout the holidays, including Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

It was not clear when it would reopen.

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Customer “totally gutted”

Devastated clients shared messages of support with the pub The social networking site Facebook.

“How awful to you,” said one online customer.

“You and your team have gone to great lengths to provide some of the much-needed light relief as safely as possible.

“I send you all virtual hugs and all kind wishes to stay healthy and we hope to see you for some great music and amazing White Horse hospitality soon.”

Another customer added that hearing the news “got messy.”

“[You’ve] Everyone worked hard to provide a beautiful place and we definitely liked it when we were providing great service and food too. “

“May you all recover well and please extend our best wishes to all staff.

“We look forward to reopening you so we can support you again.”

A third customer believes that people should be more careful when visiting bars showing symptoms of COVID-19.

“So sorry to hear that. Lots of people as well Plus on Covid The 99% discount will be fine if they get it. “

“Why do they have to go out to places even though I will never know when they are injured.

“What people need to realize is that the consequences of their actions are forcing companies to close, and companies that cannot afford to do so after all that has happened, especially at this time of the year that should be the busiest.”

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