Meghan Markle sparked outrage at the palace by enlisting Oprah Winfrey to help whip up a vegan coffee she invested in.

Palace insiders revealed that there was “more than a few amazes” today after it emerged that Megan had invested money in Clevr Blends – a startup that makes instant oat milk latte – where it was reported that she “has started building a portfolio of startup investments.” “.

In January, when former actress Megan and her husband Prince Harry They dramatically resigned their royal roles in an effort to “become financially independent” and promised “to continue upholding Her Majesty’s values.”

Today, Oprah, one of the world’s richest women, uploaded a video of her own Instagram Page brags to her 19.2 million followers of how she received a gift from “Gary M.”

The guide was followed by a crown emoji – a reference to her friend’s royal ties.

Oprah shared a video on Instagram showing her unpacking products and adding a plug for the Clevr Blends brand

A royal source said: “It is difficult to see how the circulation of emoji over royal connections appears to respect the values ​​of the royal family.”

Megan and Harry recently moved out of Billionaire Queen’s chat show after purchasing a £ 11 million mansion in a gated community in exclusive Montecito, California.

An Oprah message reads: “On the first day of Christmas, my neighbor M sent me … a basket of deliciousness! (Yeah that’s M) my new favorite morning and night drink. I wish I had clevrblends sooner Reason I would have added it to my list of things Favorite. # Happy Birthday

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Today afternoon, “Megan, Duchess of Sussex, makes her debut as an investor in a startup.”

Megan and Harry’s operas are among its neighbors after the royal family moved into a sprawling mansion down the road

Advertising rules differ in the US from those in the UK, where posts from celebrities who advertise products for money are usually followed by the captions #AD or #Spon to indicate an ad or sponsored post.

Not that Mrs. Winfrey – one of the world’s most powerful businessmen – broke any rules, nor is it believed that she was paid for the position.

However, palace sources said the post was not viewed positively, and the use of the emoji crown was noted.

A royal source said: “When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their decision to relinquish their position as a senior member of the royal family in order to become financially independent, it was always a balancing act.

“ But what is clear are the promises made at that time to uphold the values ​​of Her Majesty and the Crown, that no party should trade on its royal relationships to profit financially or risk damaging the crown’s reputation.

“It is expected that all issues like these will be observed.”

A spokesman for Oprah Winfrey did not respond to a request for comment.

News of Megan’s investment broke out today on the US Fortune website.

In October, the Duchess appeared on the “Next Generation Most Powerful Women Virtual Summit” on the podium as the guests were paid £ 1,300.

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The company plans to use the investment to expand its business, which is currently selling four different instant latte retail for £ 21, including milk froth and travel mug.

The brand also donated 1% of its revenue to food poverty charities in the United States.

In a statement announcing her investment in the brand, led by co-founder and CEO Hannah Mendoza, Megan revealed her desire to support women’s businesses.

Harry and Meghan at the annual WellChild Awards in London last year

She said, “This investment supports the passionate businesswoman who prioritizes building society alongside her business.

“I am proud to invest in Hannah’s commitment to sourcing ethical ingredients and creating a product that I personally love and has a holistic approach to wellness. I believe in her, and I believe in her company.”

The Buckingham Palace Statement was released in January just days after they dropped their announcement of their resignation from their royal roles.

Meghan Markle has appeared on CNN to thank the “ silent heroes ” of the coronavirus pandemic

The statement read: “With the Queen’s blessing, the Sussex family will continue to maintain their own patronage and associations. While they can no longer formally represent the Queen, the Sussex have made it clear that everything they do will continue to uphold Her Majesty’s values.”

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: The Duchess of Sussex is not an active member of the royal family.

Megan’s spokesman was not available.