Completion soon From “Axor. Luxury does not require space” – Last date for sending bathroom designs With the use of the AXOR One battery November 12. Business comes in a row, during this time we ask jurors about issues related to competitions for designers in general. Why is it worth participating in? What can participants offer – other than valuable prizes? What are the most important evaluation criteria for individual experts? Let’s check.
I remember the topic of the competition “Axor. Luxury does not require space” A bathroom layout that uses one or more AXOR One shower units. The organizer invites interior designers and designers, as well as graduates and students of universities, schools and training courses in areas related to the theme of the struggle to participate in the struggle. These people can perform alone or in teams of up to 3 people. The regulations allow the submission of completed works, but exclude those who have participated in other competitions. The deadline for applications is November 12, 2021. Results will be announced on November 22. There are prizes worth over PLN 30,000 that can be won.

The best works will be selected by a jury composed of Hansgrohe journalists, photographers and experts. Its member is ours Editor in Chief – Małgorzata Szczepańska.
Competitions in which we assess the sensitivity and abilities of participants have an additional difficulty: there is no clear criterion, as in mathematics, because the assessment is also influenced by many subjective factors, such as the specialty or preferences of the rater. Personally, I value honesty and consistency in the design, reliability in the subject approach, and in the case of interior design, as well as the reality of solutions and their functionality. It is also advisable to surprise, but let it be a great solution, the harmony of colors and textures, and not to put the bathtub on the ceiling. Małgorzata Szczepańska suggests.
Yasin Khristov, an interior photographer and member of the jury, draws attention to the media side of the case. – Is it worth participating in competitions? It’s all worth it – just because the hype surrounding creating and placing orders, publishing the shortlist, results and potential winnings gives a lot of material for your business or media communications. And when you do succeed, there are also prestigious issues. The value of an individual’s brand, which, as we know, accumulates slowly – suddenly grows dynamically.

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How will the contest participants respond to the jury’s hints and expectations “Axor. Luxury does not require space”We’ll see on November 22, 2021.