The last formalities remain.

Some time ago, they had been demanding access to the old station building. Volunteers working at the station. In mid-March, Mikhail Zelensky, a voivode, officially reported this possibility. It was known from the start that the entire facility could not be adapted because there were warehouses there. Nor was it hidden that there was a lot to do in the building.

According to Radio Poznan today, the refugees will soon be able to find shelter in the building. A safe space is separated from the rest of the building from all access roads and storey entrances. In addition, this place is equipped with booths for volunteers, standing for the information point that will be transferred to this place from the new station. In addition, there is a space designated for volunteers to offer so-called outlets, seating for dozens of people and places to rest – Mateusz Daszkevich, a spokesperson for Voivodeship, tells reporters.

For now, the latest formalities must be met – including fire brigades, sewage inspections and construction supervision. Later, the place will be used by refugees. Before continuing their journey, they will be able to warm up here, eat something warm, and rest.

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