Pokemon has revealed its New Pokemon Snap trailer, which gives you a look at the game and confirms the release date. The Japanese are ready to invite players to play and thanks to this we learned the game’s release date. The title will be available to fans of the series in April.

The new Pokemon Snap was introduced in the middle of last year, However, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company decided not to promote the game any further. The situation may change in the coming weeks as the title has received a release date.

This is a great comeback for the iconic classics from the Nintendo 64 era, which should be of interest to many Nintendo Switch owners, and now we can confirm the final details of the debut – The new Pokemon Snap will hit players on April 30th.

The creators also revealed that the adventure will take place in a new area called Lental – the site under the auspices of Professor Mirror, who will evaluate our work. During the game, we will be able to take pictures of more than 200 Pokemon, and the list of creatures will include both well-known and new samples. The authors were also interested in a number of diverse settings.

The upcoming calendar also deserves attention – from February to April, at least four Nintendo Switch exclusive games will appear:

  • 12.02 – Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury
  • 26.02 – brave shortening 2
  • 26.03 – Monster Hunter Rise
  • 30.04 – new Pokemon Snap
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I only mention bulk packaged items, and the list can be expanded with some of the more interesting items only available in eShop.