One of the most interesting elements of Medium is the new technology for two worlds. Developers will show the action in two dimensions simultaneously so players can see the events from two perspectives.

Medium’s big premiere will take place at the end of the monthSo the Bloober team brings production closer again. After publishing the game partToday, we can check how two worlds work and shape.

Medium has an amazing ability to move in two dimensions, and the most important thing for the developers is to show what two different worlds looked like. The developers prepared a reflection of natural reality, and it was possible to create it thanks to the appropriate colors and inspiration – for example, the creators translated elements of Zdzisław Beksiński paintings. Interestingly, the team wanted to make sure that even the smaller locations where players spend a relatively short time had a large number of details and were properly polished.

I have the impression that Medium can surprise you with an alternate reality in a very positive way – discovering another dimension should be very interesting, considering the amount of work that has been put into various elements.