Jinshin effect Developer miHoYo has revealed some big features coming to PS4, PS5, PC and Mobile Free-Play Game via his next update titled Update 1.2. For example, the developer has revealed that there is a chat function coming into the game with the update that will allow travelers with the unlocked buddy system to chat with said friends using the Friends Screen or via a shortcut button. Meanwhile, if your friends are offline, you can still send them a message that they will receive it once they launch the game and log in.

Staying on the topic of friends, the developer assured that players will be able to select a friend’s avatar and add a name to them in the note that will appear in your friends list and in chats. You will be the only person to see the name, and according to the developer, this has been added to remove confusion caused by aliases.

Continuing the new features, miHoYo also confirmed that the update will add the option to duplicate the Domain Challenge from within range, which means no need to leave and re-enter again to duplicate the challenge.

Dialog autoplay option is also added along with an option to skip animation on the BP screen. Meanwhile, a travel log section will be added to the archive, which will house all text and audio dialogue from Archon missions and previously completed story missions. According to the developer, this has been added to allow players to re-read and play dialogue from completed missions.

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The update will also add the ability to leave Co-Op domains at any time without interrupting the battle for other players. Meanwhile, during Co-Op sessions, the host will be able to dissolve Team Co-Op simply by returning to the singles player. Once the team is disbanded, the player’s progress will be restored.

Finally, the update will introduce improvements to the Domain Rewards System and Ley Line Outcrop, which will include adding drops that are added directly to your inventory.

Jinshin effect Available for free on PS4, PC, and mobile devices. It can also be played on PS5, with a proper and original next-generation version currently in the works alongside the Nintendo Switch release.