The photovoltaic panels will be installed on 156 Górczyn cooperative housing complexes in Gorzów. This is to save 600-700 thousand. PLN per year.

The Górczyn housing cooperative in Gorzów Wielkopolski has signed a contract for co-financing the installation of photovoltaic panels. The Field Marshal’s office in Zielona Gora has set aside 3.2 million PLN for this purpose. The cooperative pays the same amount from its own resources. .

The common parts of the building, that is, staircases, basements and elevators will be powered. In the cooperative scale, this will save about 600-700 thousand. PLN per year.

In the Górczyn cooperative, which is the largest in Gorzów, there are over 10,000 apartments. This will save PLN 60-70 per year per building. Thus the monthly rent will be a few zlotys less per month – reports portal.

The investment will start this year, and the work will continue until the summer of 2022. In the first phase, the cooperative will install panels on 156 out of 207 residential buildings. It will try to find financing for the remaining buildings in the near future.

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– Marcin Jabłoński, a member of the county board, said upon signing the contract: – It will pave the way and show a good example of other cooperatives that can use EU money for the common good.

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Other housing cooperatives in Poland also install photovoltaic panels. This occurs, inter alia, in Wroclaw and Poznan. In Poznańska Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa Winogrady, two PV systems have already been installed – with capacities of 50 kW and 16 kW, and plans include PV installations with a total capacity of 163.68 kW on four blocks. At the Wrocław-Południe housing cooperative, 2,771 photovoltaic panels with a total capacity of 739 kW were installed in 35 buildings.

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