The public discussion on the draft Spatial Development Plan for a part of the Tarninów region will take place in Legnica on Friday, March 19. However, you can also talk about the topic in other forms – electronic and written. Details are below.

The Mayor of Legnica, Tadeusz Krzakovsky, invites residents to public consultations on the draft Local Spatial Development Plan for the Tarnino District – The area is limited by the 100th Anniversary Streets of Reclaiming Independence, Jaworzyńska and the Młynówka River.

View the selected area in the gallery:

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The consultations will take place at the appointed time From 16 March to 23 April 2021 In the following forms:

  1. The general debate, which will take place on March 19 at 12.00 In room 9 of the Legnica City Hall building on pl. Słowiański 7
  2. Electronic – Comments and suggestions can be sent to the email address [email protected]
  3. Written – by conventional mail to the following address: Legnica City Hall, 59-220 Legnica, pl. Słowiański 8

When submitting your comments and suggestions about the above draft zoning plan, enter your name and surname or the name and address of the organizational unit, as well as specify the title and title to which the comment relates.

They will participate in the general debate Legnica City Hall staff and spatial development plan designer.

The meeting will be held according to the rules in force in the sewage system.


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