Ahlam Na Tafli is another youth production that focuses this time on sports and related issues.

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A new Netflix production and a new series for teens, even younger viewers, touches on an unusual topic, because the theme of skiing. What can we expect from the first season of the series On the roof of dreams?

On the roof of dreams Description of the series

a series On Dreams Glass A production in an atmosphere of drama, the protagonist is a 15-year-old snowboarder named Kylie. Her life changes a lot when she is forced to move from Canada to Great Britain with her parents and twin brother.

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The transfer is linked to the career of her twin brother, who will study at the prestigious hockey academy in England. Kayla is disappointed by her parents’ decision, for whom her son’s desires have become more important than their daughter’s.

In Great Britain, the girl has to find her place on Earth again, standing in the shadow of her brother Starr.

On the roof of dreams – tossing

On the roof of dreams It is a series produced in Great Britain which is a mixture of drama, comedy and sports films. The heroine of the story is a figure skater, Kayla, in which she played the role Grace Bedi, Known from the movie Five Christmas stars.

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She is accompanied by: Dakota Taylor, Jade Ma, Doug Rao, Sarah Jane Butts, Oscar Skagerberg, Anastasia Chucholata, Tania Repich, Christina Tamm, Jeremyas Amore.

On the roof of dreams What is the first show?

Another production premiere dedicated to younger viewers, as well as the whole family, is already behind us. The series arrived on Netflix for the entire season on the morning of March 15, 2021.

On the roof of dreams – How many episodes?

a series On the roof of dreams In the first season, it contains 10 episodes and is available all season.

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On the roof of dreams – 2 seasons

We do not yet know the fate of the second season of the series. Its creation will likely depend on your viewers’ interest in this production.

On the roof of dreams Reviews

Another series and another work about youth. Thus, the series has the opportunity to interest viewers of the younger generation. Whole families can watch it, too.

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The production also appears to be ideal for sports enthusiasts, whether hockey or snowboarding.

On the roof of dreams – Wrote

On the roof of dreams This production was based on its own script, which means there is no book equivalent to it. Instead, we suggest reading a book Smith. True story By Wojciech Kowalczyk and Krzysztof Stanowski.

The book “Blacksmith. A True Story” You can buy at a cheaper rate below:

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