Jarosin Mayor Adam Paulecki told PAP, who lost his driver’s license because he exceeded the speed limit by 57 km / h, the police were rightly punishing.

The accident occurred on Thursday in the Konin prefecture. The mayor passed by Janov, where – in his opinion – there were several houses in the field. “I thought it was undeveloped,” he said.

“I was traveling at 107 km / h, and the speed limit in this area is 50 km / h,” he admitted.

He confirmed that the police imposed a fair fine on him and withheld his driver’s license for a period of three months, as there was a sign informing about the built-up area.

Governor Yarossin reported this event on the Internet. “There is nothing to show off about, but you’d better find out about it than me,” wrote Mayor Pauli on Facebook.

“Remember that on the road you should always be alert and take your foot off the gasoline at the right moment. I will remember it already, but for the time being for the next three months I can only be a passenger” – he summed up.

Under the mayor’s intervention, there were comments from netizens who appreciated Jarosin’s host for his guilt. “Honesty Respect”; “It’s great to have the courage to talk about unpleasant things.” “Everyone has the right to make mistakes, we are only human” – these are some of the comments posted. (PAP)

Author: Iowa Bąkowska

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