Jason Crump and Steve Worrall will soon take on the role of teachers. Both players will participate in an event targeting British youth to help them improve their skills.

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Jason Crump

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The British are doing their best to provide their youth with decent conditions for development and soon have new talents like Robert Lambert or Daniel Bewley.

For several years, at the beginning of the season, a one-day camp was organized with the youngest participants. It won’t be any different this year.

Participants in the British Youth Championship will visit Leicester on February 22, where, among others, Steve Worrall and Jason Crump.

The plan is to meet each of the motorcyclists and hear their advice on driving left and the chance to cover a few laps at the Paul Chapman & Sons Arena facility.

The event, hosted by the Leicester Lions, will also feature the head of the national youth team – Neil Fatcher. Among the participants, among others, are Poles – Adam Sidyk and Kacper Kluczniak, whose profiles will soon be presented on the WP SportoweFakty portal.

There will also be an opportunity to learn about the detailed plans for the 2022 British Youth Championship series. We already know that the young players will start competing on April 15 in Manchester.

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