Frederic Lindgren, Jason Doyle, Leon Madsen, Emil Sajvutdino, Ty Wenden, Artyom Chagota, Martin Vaculik, Maciej Janowski – these are the 30+ Grand Prix competitors. This year, Patrick Doddick will join this group. Lindgren and Doyle are in the lead. Both will turn 37 in the 2022 season, which is a very mature age even for a motorcyclist.

Why are these seasoned athletes among the best? – About “30” is an ideal age for a motorcyclist. This is the reason why they dominate the Grand Prix, because they have accumulated the most experience on the track. Earlier, the quota at the World Championships was also made up of experienced players, and now we are not dealing with a phenomenon – Wojciech Dankevich said in an interview with us.

Of course, “30” is not the end of a career. However, the truth is that many of the top players come from the same generation. So it is very likely that their time will pass around the same time. This could be a big problem for all highways in the world. If the stars disappear, then there are bound to be heirs. The generation of motorcyclists approaching 30 (including Bartosz Smarzlik and Mikkel Michaelsen) won’t prolong the suffering even slightly.

There are no guys who entered the grand prix average and fought for medals. Wojciech Dankiewicz noted the problem, too. – At first glance, it is difficult to find alternatives. It might be a hole. It wouldn’t be surprising at all. After all, the highway is not as massive as football, for example, so it is difficult to form talents on a regular basis – said the interviewer.

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Among the “young” talent is not as great as it was years ago. When Zmarzlik, Sajfutdinow or Chris Holder started their careers, it was immediately known that they would be fighting for a world championship in the future. The current leaders of the younger generation do not offer such a guarantee. – Even in Poland, we are waiting for the next diamond. This may be an even bigger problem in the future. If we do not find successors, the highway may “collapse”. We are the locomotive of this sport, which has been especially emphasized in recent seasons – the problem was described in more detail by Dankiewicz.

Not everyone is ready to take a step forward after their small successes. For example, Doyle and Madsen found their place among the best latecomers. Some people need more time. Maybe it’s also about getting a chance, because Dominic Kubera didn’t have the championship, and he put in a great performance at the Grand Prix. In recent years, Max Frick quickly reached the top – said the interviewer.

Aside from the Kubera mentioned above, it seems that only Daniel Bewley can at least try his hand at the Grand Prix. However, this is very little, because in the next few years even nine top competitors will leave. Someone will have to replace it with a similar level of discipline development.

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The question is how long the slag should find new stars. Even the greatest of them, including Thomas Gollop or Jaroslav Humpel, did not cheat the era. Dankiewicz looks at it from the other side. – Greg Hancock and Nikki Pedersen have shown that there is no limit. Therefore, similar cases cannot be ruled out, as assessed by the commentator.

Should you finally be slowly worrying about the future? Dankiewicz will not sound the alarm. – There is no need to dramatize. Poland and Denmark make a lot of good players. Others will try to introduce at least some raisins. Smaller centres, such as Latvia and France, have a growing say. Great Britain also has more interesting players – according to the expert’s assessment.